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Our Values

At MEV College, we strive to provide all our students with the opportunity to grow up as knowledgeable and self-confident individuals in the light of Ataturk's Principles and Revolutions and in the direction of the Turkish National Education, and to give them the skills to respond to the evolving needs of the 21st century.

  • Justice: We act with the sense of right and justice in our business and relationships.
  • Ethics: We are alert to human and professional ethical values in all our activities.
  • Reputation: We keep our stance in front of everything, we do not sacrifice any material benefits.
  • Clarity: We communicate clearly in all units of our institution, with suggestions and criticisms.
  • Respect and Tolerance: We regard differences as wealth and reject any discrimination. In our relationships with each other, in our communications, we value respect and honesty.
  • Solidarity: We support each other on good and bad days. We work shoulder to shoulder.
  • Human Focus: We believe that success is possible and meaningful with people. We always aim to develop and make people happy.
  • Reality: We investigate facts while we receive information in our institution. When serving the collective, we reveal that we are against dogma.