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Our Principles

At MEV College, we educate our students as individuals who depend on Atatürk's principles and reforms, develop their civilized courage and social skills, who love their country, love and glorify the nation, and believe in the supremacy of science and intelligence in the direction of the general purpose and basic principles of National Education.

While fulfilling our schedule;

  • Perseverance: We are hardworking. Committed. We strive excellently to fulfill our promise.
  • Expertise: We give the work to the expert. We see working with the right people as the key to success.
  • Courage: We trust ourselves. We are boldly saying "we are" in every matter we believe.
  • Common Sense: We value different ideas and common sense. We lay the groundwork for expressing your beliefs freely
  • Responsibility Consciousness: We are sensitive. We feel responsible to glorify ourselves, our institutions, our country and our human values.
  • Student and Parent Happiness: We try to better understand the needs and expectations of our students and parents, and aim to make them feel constantly that being a MEV College is a privilege.