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Our Goals And Objectives

Goal of National Education Foundation:

To learn about the virtues and benefits of living in the constitutional order and protecting the democratic republic, to be able to create a community of citizens based on Atatürk's principles, to learn about the principles of respect for human rights, peaceful coexistence and understanding of the agreement, learned the methods of research, development and problem; Republic of Turkey Ministry of Education due to all levels and types of training and teaching in educational institutions in the society and people's economic, social and ensure access to quality and quantity to meet cultural needs.

Duty of National Education Foundation:

  • In order to achieve our goals and to improve the quality of education,
  • do the necessary research
  • Ensuring that every person who arrives at the age of education without any discrimination of language, religion, race, social class and gender is educated and educated;
  • To ensure that students and teachers have access to books and similar publications that are needed in education and training;
  • equipping all our schools with contemporary laboratories and teaching and learning tools;
  • providing financial and in-kind assistance to teachers and teachers who need them;
  • Granting scholarships to students in need;
  • Contributing to the construction, repair and equipment of the facilities necessary for the social and cultural needs of the teachers and students,
  • To give incentive prizes to teachers and students,
  • Developing educational projects for independent Turkish Republics and Turkish and related communities;
  • Accepting the donations provided to continue the existence and services of the foundation.