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MEV Education Culture

MEV College aims to train its students in the light of Ataturk's principles and revolutions contemporary, believing in scientific reason, integrated with the world, dominated by foreign languages; nationality, and national values.

In MEV College, a comprehensive curriculum is implemented in order to gain academic knowledge and skills to our students, as well as to respond to physical, mental and emotional interests and expectations, in view of the fact that the bases of all life skills of the individual have been put into practice in pre-school and primary school years.

It is based on a student-centered education system with "Full Learning" and "Doing, Living by Learning" models aimed at analyzing and synthesizing and using not only information but also the knowledge gained by our students.

Major courses such as English, Physical Education, Visual Arts, Music, Chess, Computer, Ballet, Theater, Folk Dances and Psycho-drama are offered by our branch teachers at MEV College, which is the basis of pre-primary and primary school teachers. In Secondary School, Anatolian High School and Science High School classes, each course is given by our branch teachers who have become specialized in their own fields.

MEV College regards each child as a separate individual with different skills, interests, diverse needs, different hopes and expectations for the future, and offers a wide range of social and intellectual opportunities for our future students. Regardless of age, every student offers opportunities to teach how to think and use creativity. All freedoms and opportunities are recognized so that they can become perfect individuals who know how to make their students mature, logical, thinking and interpreting. Our students are most fundamentally oriented through integrated education and training, and they acquire all the skills to live in the most complicated way by living in various interiors. Thus, they are raised as successful people not just at examinations but in all areas of life, and then they graduate from MEV College.