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MEV Collage Teachers

The National Education Foundation carefully chooses and appropriately appoints its teachers in accordance with the institutional structure, taking into consideration professional, human and social competences by means of a commission consisting of expert trainers according to the 'Educational Instructor Purchasing Direction'

Teachers at MEV College have the following features;

  • Adopted Atatürk's Principles and Revolutions,
  • Who loves and respects the student,
  • Be able to guide the personality and social development of the students,
  • Providing confidence by acting consistently and fairly,
  • Considering the individual differences of the students,
  • Providing balanced human values, skills and attitudes with academic goals,
  • Continuous research, questioning, self-improvement,
  • To be able to use technological education tools effectively,
  • Teachers who want to taste and enjoy,
  • Honest, honorable and moral,
  • Respectful to universal values and cultures,
  • To be able to create safe educational environments,
  • They are competent and idealistic educators based on the needs of the learners and taking care of their happiness.