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MEV Collage Students

At MEV College, we consider individual differences in accordance with the understanding that each student is a different value, which is the essence of our educational philosophy; we plan our learning methods and materials according to the learning styles and intelligence areas of our students. We aim to provide a permanent learning environment by understanding the vivacity of the information that they acquire by means of educational tools and methods that appeal to more than one senses, by providing teachers with direct guidance and access to information instead of memorizing and memorizing information. 

Our students who study at MEV College have the following properties;

  • Adopted the Principle Revolutions of Atatürk,
  • Respecting human rights and freedoms,
  • Have the power of critical and analytical thinking,
  • Be able to express themselves correctly,
  • Ecofriendly,
  • Effective use of the mother tongue,
  • Can express temselves at least one foreign language in the mother tongue competence,
  • Having working discipline,
  • Honest, honorable and moral,
  • Have the ability to think creatively,
  • Aesthetic sense developed,
  • At least one instrument capable of playing,
  • Reading habit,
  • Social responsibility awareness is advanced,
  • Seeing as a part of sports life,
  • Respectful to art and artists,
  • Those who can apply what they learn in life,
  • Not stranger to their own culture,
  • Respect universal values and cultures,
  • Taking responsibility for thier own words and behaviors,
  • Goal setting and progress on this path,
  • Have gained scientific research skills,
  • Self confident and communicative,
  • With the ability of advanced empathy and tolerant,

They are raised as individuals with the above features and graduate as MEV CULTURES who will feel their advantages throughout their lives.