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I Want To Donate

Since 1981, the National Education Foundation has continued to provide services to increase access to qualified education of our children by the help of our thousands of donors.

Our charitable benefactors who want to donate to our foundation;

  • They can support the National Education Foundation Scholarship pool by making an unconditional donation.
  • They may request cash-based donations to be used to support the education of our needy, successful children who meet the criteria desired by their donation.
  • Cash donations can be made to the National Education Foundation Institutional Donation Accounts listed below and they can be ordered to be donated in one time or regularly.

National Education Foundation Donation Accounts

  • ZİRAAT BANK ANATOLIAN SECTOR BRANCH     /  IBAN NO: TR34 0001 0012 8205 4952 4250 30
  • TURKEY İŞ BANK EMEK BRANCH             / IBAN NO: TR63 0006 4000 0014 2070 5281 36
  • VAKIFBANK BEŞEVLER BRANCH             / IBAN NO: TR87 0001 5001 5800 7293 2490 23

  • Another option for cash donation is the regular / one-time donation method, which can be done by credit card or bank transfer / EFT using the "Online Secure Donation Module" on our Web page. Our web site has SSL certificates for secure online donations, and your information is also secured by your bank's security systems. The official website of the National Education Foundation does not keep personal information for security reasons
  • Our foundation's clothing, educational electronic materials, educational furniture and so on. as well as sharing with the needy students, teachers and schools, after preliminary examination of the donations and acceptance of the physical-pedagogical suitability for our children. At this point, our donor can communicate with our foundation through the contact form and demand that the related unit be directed.
  • They can give scholarships to our successful students who have primary, secondary, high school or undergraduate education by creating scholarship funds bearing the name of their own or a relative they desire.
  • Donate real estate to donate housing, buildings, land or properties for the construction of educational facilities such as schools, laboratories, social facilities, classrooms, salons, etc., if they contribute to the education services or if the conditions are appropriate. You can find detailed information about real estate donation from the question and answer section at the bottom of the page.

Our corporate donors can also enjoy all the rights of our individual donors, as well as tax deductions from related legislation. the relevant law substance is as follows. In the determination of corporate tax base in accordance with the title of Donations and Benefits included in the 10th article entitled "Other Discounts" of the Corporate Tax Law, provided that they are shown separately on the corporation tax declaration and can be deducted from the corporate income respectively in the Blood. Other discounts regulated by this article are reductions that are made on the basis of declaration in case of having an income and those which can not be transferred to the following years due to insufficiency of earning

Relevant Laws:

  • 10.3.2. Donations and aids
  • Donations and grants limited to 5% of corporate income
  • Donations and grants made to public and private budgetary public administrations, special provincial administrations, municipalities, foundations for which the tax exemption is granted by the Council of Ministers and associations working in the public interest and institutions engaged in scientific research and development activities in return for receipt are 5% 'of the corporation tax deduction provided that the portion of the corporation tax deduction can be made to be provided.

Donation and help for the deduction;

  • Making public and private budgetary public administrations, special provincial administrations, municipalities and villages, foundations that are granted tax exemption by the Council of Ministers, associations working in the public interest and institutions and establishments engaged in scientific research and development activities,
  • In the case of a receipt,
  • Downloading only from related period earnings
  • It must also be shown on my consent.

The part that can not be downloaded can not be transferred to the other part.

  • The amount of donations and grants that can be deducted in the determination of the corporation tax base is limited to 5% of the corporate income of that year.
  • [Commercial balance sheet profit (exemption from participation gains + previous year losses)] before discounts and exceptions are deducted after deduction of expenses including expenses for deducting losses and deductions of participation gains.

Ms. Hikmet Erkek, from our valued donors