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Foreign Language Education

Turkey's brand of quality education MEV College is also in foreign language education summit. At MEV College, our students begin their foreign language education in their early school days and offer an intensive program until they graduate. Supported by native speakers, MEV College Foreign Language Coordinator's experienced teaching staff aims to ensure that every student who graduates from MEV College has the highest level of foreign language competence. In MEV College Private Schools, the main foreign language is English and the second foreign language is in German, French or Spanish.

Our English language education, which is prepared in accordance with the European Language Portfolio, aims to make our students learn by learning foreign languages. MEV College students are required to take foreign language proficiency level of the students periodically such as Cambridge ESOL, TOEFL, etc. to be able to reach the foreign language proficiency in world standards while being an indispensable participant of WSC-World Scholar's Cup, JMUN, MUN, INGED Drama Festival, GEF, Destination Imagination, ELT Conference on the measure.

MEV College aims to educate its students in the globalizing world of the 21st century as individuals who can use communication tools accurately and effectively and express their ideas and thoughts in their native language or foreign language they can learn comfortably, with audiovisual tools and experienced classroom staff.