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Faq About Scholarships

The primary education, secondary school and high school affiliated to the Ministry of National Education under the "Scholarship and Learning Aid Regulation" entered into force by the Decree of the Central Education Board of the National Education Foundation dated 16/11/2017 and numbered 2017 / 13-560 (7) scholarship or learning aid for those who wish to receive scholarship or learning aid from students who need successful and financial support.

Scholarships are also provided to students who meet the conditions demanded by our donor in accordance with the wishes and desires of our conditional donors.

All the scholarships and educational aids required by the National Education Foundation 'Scholarship and Learning Aid Regulation' are gratuitous.

  • The number of students to be granted scholarships and the amount of scholarships are determined by the Board of Directors in September every year. The scholarship application form and necessary information will be published on the Foundation website.
  • Students who are willing to receive foundation scholarship or their parents will collect requests by direct or postal mail using the "Scholarship Application Form" published on the web page within the following period.
  • Applications not made within the deadline will not be processed.
  • Results will only be notified to selected students via SMS, e-mail or text.

    T. C. Being a citizen,
  • Needing financial support,
  • Not to receive scholarship from another institution (including KYK Scholarship),
  • Being not to be punished more severely during the training period,
  • For primary, secondary and high school scholarships,
  • Being not doing class repetition,
  • Reading on board,
  • Open secondary school or high school to study,
  • For undergraduate scholarships, it is also possible to study openly, externally and abroad,
  • also for graduate fellowships, student's undergraduate GPA of finishing at least 3 out of 4 (at least 75), which notes that the 100 system from the universities, having turned 30 years of age,
  • For Ph.D., at least 3 out of 4 or at least 75 out of 100 out of 4 in GPA is required, not to be 35 years old, conditions are sought.
  • Our foundation also supports students and teachers who have suffered from various natural disasters or need health care.

  • The scholarship application form,
  • Approved student certificate,
  • An approved, deceptive family registration form to be obtained from the population office,
  • For the breakers of learning, the good case paper to be taken from the prosecutor's office,
  • Learning documents of the brothers who are studying,
  • Documents showing the income of the family:
    • An approved payroll for salaried employees,
    • A certified copy of the document showing the monthly or quarterly salary for retired people,
    • If the farmer is an approved annual income document,
    • If you are a merchant or a self-employed person,
  • Documents to be obtained from the Social Security Institution for not working for the unemployed parents,
  • If the student and his family have separate lease contract examples,
  • Documents pertaining to the loan payments of those who have taken home with the loan,
  • If the student and his / her family have separate residence examples,
  • Document of the demand deposit account opened on behalf of the student (Bank name-Branch name-Iban number)
  • A sample of school reports and achievement documents for primary, secondary, and high school students,
  • For undergraduate students (transcripts)
  • Certificate showing OSYM exam result certificate and Placement Score and Achievement Rank for new university students
  • High for Science (thesis), undergraduate courses taken during the study, notes and documents showing the average success and graduate school admissions and student documentation showing that records the (record date and the semester will be clearly stated whether the preparatory classes)
  • For PhD graduate courses taken during the study, notes and achievements mean, admission to doctoral studies and university registration documents showing that the (recording date, semester, doctoral branches should be stated.)

Our foundation will review the documentation of the information that the new scholarship or scholarship students have encoded in the application form if they deem it necessary. If the student's declaration and the requested documents are found to be inaccurate, the scholarship is canceled and the student or his / her parents are treated according to the general rules of law due to the Foundation's misconduct.

  • According to the information encoded in the scholarship application form published on the web page of the foundation, scoring is done on the computer and the students are ranked according to their scores.
  • According to this ranking, the student who has the highest score is determined as a student, starting from the student who has the highest score. The above mentioned documents are requested within the course of the students who are selected naturally. Results will only be notified to selected students via SMS, e-mail or text.
  • Documents are requested from the students who have not submitted the required documents from the notified students and those who have not documented the information they have declared in the form, instead of the ones whose scholarships were canceled, according to the points in the list. In case of equal score, the student with the highest achievement score in the previous year is given priority.
  • Scholarships awarded a higher education students in their name, grade school, middle school and high school, the student parents as a subcontractor of (Ziraat Bank, Turkey Foundations Bank, Turkey Business Bank, Halk Bank, Yapi Kredi Bank) demand deposit account in one of the branches açtırarak, containing account information (Bank name-branch name-IBAN number) is notified to MEV Headquarters. The annual scholarship period is 12 months. As long as the student receiving the scholarship has the conditions of receiving the scholarship, the scholarship will continue to be granted until the end of the education period.
  • Scholarships are deposited monthly into the bank accounts reported by the students starting from October.

The primary education, secondary school and high school students benefiting from the MEV Scholarship should send or deliver the 'Information Renewal Form', which was delivered to them by the National Education Foundation in July, to the MEV Headquarters until September 15th

The students who are benefiting from MEV scholarship must send or deliver the 'Information Renewal Form' submitted by the National Education Foundation in August to the MEV Headquarters by 15th of October

    The student's scholarship is terminated in the following cases.
  • Declaration of whether the declaration and requested documents are not correct,
  • To receive a heavier sentence than condemnation or to interfere with terrorist acts,
  • Receiving scholarship or study aid from other official or private institutions after starting to receive scholarship,
  • To withdraw from education on its own initiative or for other reasons,
  • Give up giving scholarship at will,
  • To complete the study,
  • Suspension of learning without a valid justification, freezing of learning,
  • Failure to respond to correspondence (information renewal form, etc.) made in Vakıf for the continuation of Bursun,
  • For primary, secondary and high school scholarships,
    • Failure or absenteeism at the end of the academic year,
    • Passing to boarding status,
  • For the undergraduate scholarship,
    • Overcoming the learning period,

The annual scholarship period is 12 months. Scholarships are deposited on the last day of each month by the students to the bank account numbers reported to the Foundation. As long as the conditions for obtaining scholarship continue, students who receive scholarships continue to be granted scholarships until the period of education for the section where they are entitled to scholaship. The increase in the amount of the scholarship and the increase of the scholarships are at the discretion of the Central Education Board of the National Education Foundation.

Since the applicant's university / faculty and department are accepted as the basis for benefiting from the MEV Scholarships, the duration of the scholarship is accepted as the duration of payment for MEV Scholarships. As graduate and doctoral studies are evaluated as separate scholarship types, it is necessary to re-apply the application process at every stage.

MEV scholarship's more for your school to be your year or semester losses to continue your registration in Turkey, the course will see in schools in the country you're Erasmus are required to provide when you return to our school's acceptance and success conditions in Turkey. Otherwise the MEV Scholarship will be canceled.

No, age restriction is not required for students who want to benefit from MEV Higher Education Scholarships. However, it is required to be 30 years old for graduate education and 35 years old for doctoral education.