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Academic Partnerships

MEV College Private Schools Canada Academic Partnership Protocol;

MEV College students can participate in monthly, quarterly or annual student exchange programs in schools in the Nova Scotia Region of Canada, which is recognized as one of the world's three best education countries by the protocol signed between the National Education Foundation and the Canadian Ministry of Education Nova Scotia on 19.11.2015. With the 13th Grade Exchange Programs, they can return home with a second Canadian diploma, or they can complete their undergraduate studies with scholarship and placement opportunities, which they apply only to their own citizens.

Every year, over 1,500 students from 54 countries of the world come to Canada as part of the program, being recognized as one of the world's three best educated countries and emerging with a safe social experience for students. Thanks to a wide range of health insurance that will provide guidance to the coordinators of the Nova Scotia Department of Education in Canada, cultural visits to the city centers on weekends, volunteer families and a comprehensive health insurance that will make our students feel more secure during all their travels. Nova Scotia International Student Exchange Program will make a great contribution to the future of the students of MEV College, and it becomes an unforgettable experience in their life.

The Canadian International Student Exchange Protocol consists of 4 different categories:

These are the monthly student exchange program, especially for our junior high school students, who are located in Canada with outstanding volunteer families. In the second category, the International Student Exchange Program, our students are trained in Canada Nova Scotia to cover either a full or a full academic year, and are graded as having returned to our country during their education in Canada. Year period without losing or continue their education in Turkey. When they choose Canada for a full academic year twelfth grade students in Canada or can continue their undergraduate education in Turkey, they want to get undergraduate education in Canada, feeling once again the advantages of being MEV College, Canada usual and scholarships provide foreign students as well as citizens of this country can benefit from licensing facilities. In the fourth category of the International Student Exchange Program, after graduating from MEV College, our students can go to Canada in order to increase their foreign language proficiency for one year by freezing their acquired undergraduate study. Our students provide adequate conditions Canadian public high school as entitled to receive his diploma he obtained the pass without examination chance to universities in Canada, they can continue their undergraduate studies in if Canada wants can return to their universities in Turkey wants after this process.