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Our Projects:


The National Education Foundation gives full education scholarships to 87 children, who lost of their fathers in the Soma mining disaster from primary school to the completion of their university education.

Please give support as well, and contribute to the bright future that you deserve.



Soma's Trusts, Our Children:

In accordance with the protocol signed with the Ministry of National Education's Directorate of Special Education and Guidance for the purpose of granting educational scholarships to our children who have lost their fathers in the mine disaster in Soma on 13 May 2014 and have been continuing their education and education life, our children are allowed to make scholarship aid until the end of their university education connected.

In this context, we pay scholarships for 100 TL per month for our children who continue their primary and secondary education in the face of Soma disaster and 300 TL for our young people who continue to university. We believe that clinging on difficult days and extending help is an important part of our culture of thousands of years, and we invite you to support this important initiative.


Soma's Trusts, Donations Accounts for Our Children

The Milli Eğitim Vakfı has donated to be used in the Ministry's services by carrying out the construction, equipments, repair and equipment projects of a great number of facilities required by the Ministry of National Education in accordance with the aims of the establishment.

Since the foundation of our foundation, the resources it has created for our national education has exceeded 1 Billion TL.


Some of the important services that our Foundation has accomplished since its establishment include:


We had built a modern elementary school with 24 classrooms, physiotherapy, 480 student capacity and mixed education model in Ankara for the education of our children with cerebral palsy (Brain Paralysis) and transferred to the Ministry of National Education.



In İzmir, we put into service the National Education Foundation Teachers' House in the standards of 4 star hotels and after we had built the depression resistant teacher houses in Düzce, Yalova, Sakarya and Van Erciş, we transferred them to the Ministry of National Education.

We have contributed 2.5 Million TL to the eight-year primary education program.



Across Turkey, we have built 133 schools, 7 student dorms, 5 teachers' houses and 2 teachers' locales.



We subsidized a total of 850 thousand Turkish liras for the help of 76 teachers who were killed in 2011 Van earthquake and 9 teachers who were seriously injured. We enabled the teacher's house that we have built in the province of Van, Erciş to be served to our teachers in 2014.



We contributed to the construction, repair and equipment of 397 teachers' houses.



We put into service of our young people by contributing to the construction of Central Anatolia Science and RESEARCH and DEVELOPMENT Center in Nuh Naci Yazgan University, Kayseri.


We have provided 26,233 student-free learning assistance, primarily with teacher children, and we continue to do so.


Within this scope, we provided 16,435 primary and secondary schools and 8,009 higher education students with grants.


We provided all of the 1,799 learners with the opportunity to study and graduate in boarding schools. We still teach our children a lot of boarders.


We have furnished 2,500 classrooms with 50,000 students, 2500 teacher's chairs and a chair with 2,500 writing boards throughout Turkey .



We built computer laboratories for schools in various regions, bought musical instruments and sports equipment, presented more than 10,000 Turkish Flags and nearly 300 schools of Atatürk Bust.

We have rewarded our needy, successful students by providing them with holidays, organizing exhibitions, festivals, theater shows and children's fairs for them.



In the Bingöl earthquake, we saved 35 students from the wreckage and martyred while saving 36th student. We gave the name of our heroic teacher and teacher who had a classroom with 16 classrooms, laboratory and sports hall in Bingöl city center and had a primary school in order to keep Serkan Akyaz's memories alive.


After this earthquake, Hürriyet Newspaper, METU, Yildiz Technical and Çukurova Universities contributed the campaign "Destroy Our Schools" campaign throughout the country and provided financial support to the campaign and prepared the durability results reports of 16 schools and 16 schools and presented them to the Ministry of National Education.



In the Marmara earthquake, 1782 families who lost their lives to the heirs of 179 teachers and educational staff and their families were helped by financial aid. We helped 50 thousand student clothes, lessons and equipment. We provided 3 meals of hot food for 3 months in our bakeries.

In Bingöl earthquake we lost the lives of teachers and students to cover the funeral expenses and the treatment expenses of the wounded.




We have provided repair of the schools damaged in the earthquakes of Erzurum and Kars and we have met the needs of our students.

We continue to read and study our martyr soldiers, our teachers, our security and education staff's children free of charge at the National Education Foundation College Private Schools or at state boarding schools at all costs.

In 1992, we made a girl vocational high school in Bishkek.

We contributed to the reconstruction of the Sarajevo National Library.

We organized the International "Vocational Education and Employment" Seminar in cooperation with the European Education Foundation.


We supported the 'Reading-Writing Campaign' initiated by the Ministry of National Education throughout the country.



We commissioned the 'Head Teacher Monument' in the garden of the Ministry of National Education in Ankara as an expression of gratitude and gratitude to all our teachers who have dedicated their lives to this sacred profession.


Our charitable donors have allocated 28 real estate donated by the Foundation to the Ministry of National Education for schools, dormitories, social facilities and teacher house productions.


We prepared dental care sets for our 9.5 million students, provided the distribution.



We have sent hundreds of thousands of books bought by our foundation or donated by our foundation to various people and institutions all over our country.

We have built and distributed 5,000 chess sets to contribute to the mental development of our children.

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