Establishment of the Foundation and Founders

That we reach the goal of becoming a leading country by rising above the level of contemporary civilization, which the Great Leader and the Head Teacher Ataturk has shown as the founder of our Republic, can only be achieved by educating our children with a very good education system and receiving qualified education.

Rapid increase in the population of our country and displacement due to internal migration, developments at the dizzying pace in science and technology are increasing the need for contemporary education and the problems in reaching this education. The budgets needed to meet and solve these needs are too large to be met by resources separated only from the state budget, and the need for the material and spiritual support of the community is increasing day by day.

Great Leader Atatürk predicts that a participatory understanding in educational services should be a judge. As a result of this understanding, it was necessary to establish a foundation of the Ministry of National Education in order to support the provision of national education services in line with national education objectives and basic principles.

By passing the pre-service training of our workers who will go to Germany in the 1960's; a program that will allow this country to be sent to the Republic of Turkey and the Government had put in place an agreement signed between Germany. It was seen that 1.296.000 German Marks were collected in the account of T. C Central Bank for this purpose. The Minister of National Education Hasan Saglam has instructed that the establishment of such a foundation be very appropriate and that the foundation should be structured in such a way that it can support all the units within the Ministry and that the preparations should be carried out in this framework.

A five-person delegation was formed to carry out foundation foundation works. Osman Güngör Feyzoğlu, Hüseyin Aktuğ, Abdullah Celik, İhsan Özçukurlu and Necat Bozkurt were assigned to this committee. The foundation of our foundation, whose preparations were passed through various stages, was completed by the founding members composed of 9 legal entities and 29 real persons, who gave a plea to the national education trial on 19 February 1981.

In addition, as long as the National Education Foundation continues its activities in accordance with the provisions of the Law No. 903 and the provisions of the Foundation Charter, the Tax Exemption is granted by the decision of the Council of Ministers.

The Founder Juristic Persons

The Founder Juristic Persons

Hasan SAĞLAM(Decedent)

Vehbi KOÇ(Decedent)

Sakıp SABANCI(Decedent)

Prof.Dr.İhsan DOĞRAMACI(Decedent)

Ord.Prof.Dr.Fahrettin Kerim GÖKAY(Decedent)





Bahir SORGUÇ(Decedent)

Hayrettin UTKANLAR

İlhami ÇOKAR

Nurettin FİSUNOĞLU(Decedent)

Abdullah ÇELİK

Osman Güngör FEYZOĞLU

Hüseyin AKTUĞ(Decedent)

Mümin ÇAMLIBEL(Decedent)

Erol ÖKTEM(Decedent)



Gürbüz METİN(Decedent)

Erdoğan TURHAN(Decedent)

Tahir PEKAR(Decedent)

M.Lütfi ÖZHAN(Decedent)

Zeki ALAN(Decedent)

Ahmet Aydın BOLAK(Decedent)

Yılmaz GENÇLER(Decedent)

Suat ARSLAN(Decedent)

İ. Bolar İREN(Decedent)

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