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When and how was the National Education Foundation founded?

Founded on February 19, 1981 by 29 real and 9 legal entities among the leading academicians of our country, including state and business people and important institutions and organizations, * our foundation started its activities with the name of "Ministry of National Education Foundation".


The name of our foundation, which was granted tax exemption by decision of Council of Ministers, was changed to 'National Education Foundation' in 1986. *


Our foundation, growing everyday with the intense interest and support of our people since its foundation, aims to be one of the non-governmental organizations that provide the greatest support in the service of national education and carries out its activities in this direction.


* The decision of the Ankara 4th Administrative Court of First Instance of 1981/176 and 1981/65 and the official memorandum published in the Official Gazette dated March 17, 1981 and numbered 17282


* With the decision of Ankara 8th Civil Court of General Jurisdiction dated 26.02.1986 and F: 1986/33, K1986 / 86

* With the decision of the Council of Ministers published in the Official Gazette dated 22 January 1981 and numbered 17228

National Education Foundation was established by 29 real, 9 legal persons.



Founding Legal Entities



Founder Real Contacts

Purpose of National Education Foundation:


"At all levels and types of educational institutions affiliated to the Ministry of National Education, education and training; to contribute materially and spiritually to achieve the quality and quantity to meet the economic, social and cultural needs of the people and society and to provide new resources for this purpose ".


National Education Foundation's Goal:


To learn about the virtues and benefits of living in the constitutional order and protecting the democratic republic, to be able to create a community of citizens based on Atatürk's principles, to learn about the principles of respect for human rights, peaceful coexistence and understanding of the agreement, learned the methods of research, development and problem- ; Republic of Turkey Ministry of Education due to all levels and types of training and teaching in educational institutions in the society and people's economic, social and ensure access to quality and quantity to meet cultural needs.


How is the Chairman of the Central Board and the Members of the Board of Directors elected? Who are the executives at the moment?

The National Education Foundation's Central Executive Committee consists of nine members in accordance with the Foundation's Official Surname. Three-year secret ballot, one-third of the founding members, is elected by the general election. The General Assembly also elects nine alternate members of the Board of Directors in the same procedure. The Board of Directors elects the Chairman and Vice President of the Board of Directors at the first meeting following the General Assembly in which the elections are held. *


* National Education Foundation Official Sessions, Article 15. National Education Foundation Central Management Board:


Head of Central Board of Directors


Vice Chairman of the Central Board


Central Board Member

The National Education Foundation's Central Executive Committee consists of nine members in accordance with the Foundation's Official Surname. Three-year secret ballot, one-third of the founding members, is elected by the general election. The General Assembly also elects nine alternate members of the Board of Directors in the same procedure. The Board of Directors elects the Chairman and Vice President of the Board of Directors at the first meeting following the General Assembly in which the elections are held. * 

*National Education Foundation Official Statement, Article 15.


Millî Eğitim Vakfı Central Board of Directors: 
Head of Central Board of Directors
A. Remzi SEZGİN 
Vice Chairman of the Central Board
Mehmet TEMEL 
Vice Chairman of the Central Board
Doç.Dr. Yusuf TEKİN 
Central Board Member
Central Board Member
Ömer Faruk YELKENCİ 
Central Board Member
Central Board Member
İbrahim ÇOKSAK 
Central Board Member
Talat BULUT 
Central Board Member

The National Education Foundation is a non-governmental organization that has transformed the donations of charitable people and organizations into educational services and aims to create more qualified education opportunities, a symbol of unity and helping our people in community solidarity. It is not possible for our foundation to be in contact with any political group or thought.



Our Foundation aims to develop education and training in order to reach the goal of being "Leader Country" above the level of contemporary civilizations, which Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the Great Leader, has shown.

Since the foundation of the National Education Foundation, more than 26 students have been granted scholarship and continue to give priority to the children of National Education. As of 2013-2014 academic year, scholarships provided at all levels of education until 2013 have been continued to be given only to students of higher education because the education, housing and other expenses of higher education students are higher than primary and secondary education students.


* If donors are required to provide scholarships to primary and secondary school students on conditional donation conditions, our Foundation provides scholarships to students who have determined their needs through successful examinations.



The National Education Foundation is deposited to the bank accounts at the amount determined at the beginning of the scholarship period by the Board of Directors, for 12 months for each year, for students who are eligible for scholarships for higher education.


In addition, our Foundation ensures that students who complete secondary schools in the residential centers without primary schools in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd class will be accommodated in the state schools with pension by meeting all board expenses. For students who are boarding students, students are given clothing and stationery once a year and pocket money twice a year on the basis of the amount of social assistance determined by the Ministry of National Education for non-paid boarding students. In addition, the health expenses are provided by the foundation in case the students who are educated in the hospital need it.


The Milli Eğitim Vakfı donates the support of our philanthropic citizens and institutions as scholarship, learning aid to needy but successful students, and builds schools, teachers' houses and educational facilities and endeavors to improve the quality of our education with many services. The income-expenditure tables of our foundation are shared with the public through annual "Activity Reports" and are regularly reviewed with the inspections of the General Directorate of Foundations.

Although our foundation is one of the strongest non-governmental organizations of our country, we still need the donations of our philanthropic citizens, institutions and organizations for the projects that it is currently carrying out and aims to realize in the future.

The Milli Eğitim Vakfı accepts all material and in kind aids from our charitable donors in order to deliver them to the needy in case of donation. In certain periods, it organizes campaigns for students, including clothes, stationery or equipment for schools affiliated to the Ministry of National Education. We currently do not have a campaign for this purpose. In case such a campaign is organized, the items needed and the campaign details will be shared with the public.

The work carried out by the National Education Foundation is subject to the supervision of the General Directorate of Foundations and the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Turkey.

MEV Koleji Private Schools now serves with 4 training campuses, Ankara Çayyolu, İzmir Guzelbahçe, İstanbul Pressköy and Büyükçekmece. Our foundation is continuing its studies in order to enable the opening of new MEV College education campuses near İzmir Bornova, Mersin, Ankara Golbasi and Istanbul Ataşehir-Ümraniye so that our qualified education can access our people with more education fees.


IMEV College Private Schools Purpose: To increase the quality of education, to take the individual interests and talents of our students to the highest potential that each individual has, to increase the proficiency of management and education personnel, to improve their professional skills, to be more effective and efficient in using resources.

In accordance with the principles and reforms of Ataturk, we are in compliance with international standards in the field of education and training activities worthy of hundreds. foreign language, technology, personal and social development is to be one of the areas with adequate equipment and training students Turkey's leading educational institutions that prepare them to realize that they are unique individuals moving life.

Our foundation aims to spread MEV College Private Schools all over the country, especially the big cities, so that people from all walks of life can reach qualified education, constitute an example among private schools and be a balancing factor in pricing.



MEV believes that academic, artistic, sportive and social success can be achieved with a student-centered contemporary education approach; national, state, flag and Atatürk's principles as individuals.

MEV College students in the light of Ataturk's principles and revolutions contemporary, believing in scientific reason, integrated with the world, dominated by foreign languages; nationality, and national values.


In MEV College, a comprehensive curriculum is implemented in order to gain academic knowledge and skills to our students, as well as to respond to physical, mental and emotional interests and expectations, starting from the fact that the bases of all life skills of the individual are laid in pre-school and primary school age.


Our school's qualified and dynamic education and management staff are based on a student-centered education system with "Full Learning" and "Doing, Living by Learning" models aiming to analyze-synthesize and use not only information but also the knowledge gained by our students.


In our school, where primary education is the basis of pre-primary and primary school classes, important subjects like English, Physical Education, Visual Arts, Music, Chess, Computer, Ballet, Theater, Folk Dances and Psycho-drama are given by our branch teachers. In the middle and high school classes, each course is given to our specialist branch teachers in their own fields.

MEV College sees each child as a separate individual with different abilities, interests, diverse needs, different hopes and expectations for the future, and offers a wide range of social and intellectual opportunities for our future students. Regardless of age, every student offers opportunities to teach how to think and use creativity. All freedoms and opportunities are recognized so that they can become perfect individuals who know how to make their students mature, logical, thinking and interpreting. Our students are most fundamentally oriented through integrated education and training, it acquires all the skills to live in the most complicated way by living in various interiors. So it is not just at examinations; they are raised as successful people in all areas of life and they graduate from MEV College.


Regular work carried out by the Ministry of National Education Foundation Internal Audit Unit as well as the examinations of MEV Audit and Board members are continuing in our schools which are continuously audited by the Ministry of Education Inspectors and the District National Education Directorates in accordance with the regulation of Private Education Institutions. Our school administrators periodically conduct meetings with our Foundation by reviewing the current issues and problems and conducting the training with the understanding of "Happy student, Happy parent, Happy teacher" by reaching the solution as soon as possible.

Our foundation, MEV Koleji Private Schools marty and ghazi children are completely free to read.


The Milli Eğitim Vakfı accepts all kinds of material and kind support, which are charitable citizens, institutions and organizations bearing donation quality, to reach the needy.



You can make your financial donations either one-off or regularly through our bank account numbers or our online donation module, or you can give scholarships or scholarships with a conditional or unconditional donation, and you can make your donations securely accessible to our needy students through the National Education Foundation. You can also teach boarding students, schools, classes, laboratories, lounges that carry your name, you can support our National Education.


To date, there are hundreds of examples of our philanthropic citizens living with donations of real estate, transforming into schools or contributing to MEV scholarship pool and becoming an unforgettable contribution to our National Education.



Our charitable benefactor, who wants to donate real estate to our foundation, first informs my Foundation and informs his / her demand and pre-informs himself / herself. After the preliminary information, a petition requesting information and documents belonging to the real estate and, if any, donation conditions, is requested to be evaluated by the Central Management Board of the National Education Foundation. After the request of the petitioner is received, the application is evaluated at the first Board of Directors meeting and the donation is returned. If the donation is deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors, donations will be made to the will of the real estate through the will, the usufruct right in the deed or the direct transfer. Are the funeral arrangements provided by our foundation in case of needs and deaths related to the health of our real estate donors?

A will is a one-sided construct and death-related saving that will result in de facto and legal consequences in accordance with their will on the goods after the legacy of the legacy. A person who wishes to make a donation may leave a will to organize in his / her health and any assets (movable / immovable property, deposits and securities in the bank) or all his assets. It can be done in the official form before the notary public as well as handwritten and notarized. As long as the person making the testament is alive, he / she will use the property rights on the property subject to the duty as he / she wishes. Because the testament is valid after the death of the person who made the testament.

A person who makes a donation may donate any movable or immovable property or a right that he or she owns, whether conditionally or unconditionally. When donating, donate only the dry property of the property or the right; usufruct, ie the right to benefit, or the right to live, ie the right to sit. Thus, only the naked property of the property or the property passes through the foundation, and remains with the donor as long as the right to use and enjoy the benefits is still alive. With donations to be made through this method, it is not possible to give up later except for the contradictions to the law.


In the determination of corporate tax base in accordance with the title of Donations and Benefits included in the 10th article entitled "Other Discounts" of the Corporate Tax Law, provided that they are shown separately on the corporation tax declaration and can be deducted from the corporate income respectively in the Blood. Other discounts regulated by this article are discounts that are made on the basis of declaration in case of the existence of the profit and which can not be transferred to the following years because of the insufficient profit.


Relevant Laws:

10.3.2. Donations and aids Donations and grants limited to 5% of corporate income

Donations and grants made to public and private budgetary public administrations, special provincial administrations, municipalities, foundations for which the tax exemption is granted by the Council of Ministers and associations working in the public interest and institutions engaged in scientific research and development activities in return for receipt are 5% 'of the corporation tax deduction provided that the portion of the corporation tax deduction can be made to be provided.

Donation and help for the deduction;

• Making public and private budgetary public administrations, municipal special administrations, municipalities and villages, foundations that are granted tax exemption by the Council of Ministers, associations working in the public interest and institutions and institutions engaged in scientific research and development activities,

• In the case of a receipt,

• Unreasonable,

• Download only from the related period earnings

• My consent must also be shown. The part that can not be downloaded can not be transferred to the other part.


The amount of donations and grants that can be deducted in the determination of the corporation tax base is limited to 5% of the corporate income of that year.

[Commercial balance sheet profit (exemption from participation gains + previous year losses)] before discounts and exceptions are deducted after deduction of expenses including expenses for deducting losses and deductions of participation profits.

You can use our credit card online or through our Online Donation Module to donate on a regular or one-off basis.

As you can do with your donation / EFT directive, you can apply for a scholarship donation to the moonlight period (the monthly scholarship amount for primary, secondary, high school and undergraduate and graduate students varies) for 12 months on a regular basis every month with a description of the scholarship name and donor information You can perform.

According to the information encoded in the scholarship application form published on the web page of the foundation, scoring is done on the computer and the students are ranked according to the scores they have received.


According to this ranking, the student who has the highest score is determined as the quota determined starting from the student, and twenty percent of the quota is determined as the substitute student. The above mentioned documents are requested within the course of the students who are selected naturally. Results will only be notified to selected students via SMS, e-mail or text.


Those who do not send the documents requested from the students who made the notification and those who do not have the documents confirming the information they declared in the form are asked for the documents by selecting again according to the point order instead of the ones who canceled the scholarship. In case of equal score, the student with the highest achievement score in the previous year is given priority.

Since 1981, when the National Education Foundation was founded, it is a well-established civil society organization that has been the closest to the interest, trust and support of your supreme nationalism.


Our foundation has evaluated the sources of our educational philanthropic philanthropy and foundation, which supports us with material, real and real estate donations or with no reason, in the most accurate way in the direction of the establishment purposes and has proudly shared our people with our transparent management and control system and continued to serve Turkish National Education.


With the support of thousands of donors until today, all the services performed by our foundation have been carried out with great care and diligence, and at the same time, in the light of love, kindness and goodness, suited to the foundation culture.


Our Foundation, the founder of our Republic, headmaster Mustafa Kemal expressed by Ataturk's Republic of Turkey "of the contemporary civilization level making the country's leaders on the" shares the ideals, our young National Education as expressed in the Basic Law, "GOOD PEOPLE, GOOD CITIZENS, THE BEST PRODUCER" as a result of his efforts.


With the support of donors until now, you can make a foundation for the Turkish National Education that creates resources on 1 Billion Turkish Liras. With conditional or unconditional donations, you can give a light for our successful children who need qualified education, can give schools, classes, laboratories, give scholarships, you can contribute to the growth of contemporary individuals useful to my country.


We believe that; "The destiny of countries is drawn in education ..."


Without distinction, you can access the services that our foundation has carried out and carried out today by adopting the principle of the Supreme Ataturk "There is not even a single individual to be fed in education" and continuing the scholarship and other benefits.

Foundation services are a voluntary service based on mutual trust that has been maintained for hundreds of years by our government and philanthropic millennium, taking care of the benefit of society. We hereby acknowledge that all of our donors have the rights listed below.


• Informing our Foundation that the donation can be used correctly and in good faith in line with its aims and objectives.

• If requested, obtain information about the board and the Trustees and do not wait for them to fulfill their duties properly.

• Requesting information about the foundation's current financial status in line with the transparency principle.

• Keep the name confidential if the donor requests it in accordance with the law.

• Do not expect everyone who represents the institution to be in the professional frame of the relationship with the donor.

• Not to be on the donor name list in the request of the donor.

• You have the right to ask questions before donations and donations, and to get correct and clear answers on the fly.

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